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March 15, 2010
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Chapter 1: A Blind Date?!

Lightning was sitting on her couch watching television- with boredom. Things have been a lot calmer ever since Cocoon was saved from the Sanctum. Her younger sister, Serah, was still engaged to Snow Villiers, and they would get married in a few months. Serah suddenly came walking in and said to Lightning's face, "Lightning. You need a boyfriend!" "What?! Where did that come from?! That was so out of the blue!" exclaimed Lightning.

"Well," said Serah, "I'm getting married in a few months"

"Why do you need to remind me of that? I already know."

"Well, isn't it strange-"

"You getting married to Snow- yeah, that's very strange."

"No, not that. I'm 18, and you're 21. Also I'm getting married before you. Don't you feel sad in any way?"

"No. You know Serah, I don't need a man to make my life complete." said Lightning trying to see the television past Serah's head.

"But Lightning," said Serah, "I want you to be happy and not die alone!"

"I'm already happy being single."

"But before mom and dad died, you were dating like, all the time! Can't you try again?"


"For me?"


"Once? Please?" asked Serah making a puppy face.

"… Fine…" After Lightning saying that, Serah's face lit up. "Whew. I thought you would never say yes!" said Serah. "Why?" asked Lightning. "Because I already set you up on a blind date tonight!" said Serah showing a cut red dress. "You say what now?!?!"

"Now, go get changed! You don't want to keep him waiting!" said Serah while pushing Lightning into her room. After waiting, Lightning came out in the red dress- embarrassed. "You look beautiful!" said Serah. "I feel weird." said Lightning bluntly. "Don't worry. You'll adjust." "I don't know..." said Lightning looking in the mirror. Then, Serah noticed something, "Hey, is it me, or is there something wrong with your thigh?"

"Oh," said Lightning, "nothing's wrong. I'm just bringing Blaze Edge with me."

"What?! Why are you taking Blaze Edge to a blind date?!"

"Well, this is a BLIND date. I have to be prepared if this guy is a weirdo." said Lightning as her sister sweat dropped.

Lightning has now arrived at the restaurant.

"This looks expensive." said Lightning to herself. She entered the restaurant looking a bit lost. "Um," said Lightning to the wait at the podium, "I have a reservation. One of the names is 'Farron'." The waiter looks at the list and says, "Yes, right here. Let me lead you to your table."

While she was lead to her table, she looked around at how sophisticated the place and the people were. "Here's your table, ma'am." said the waiter. "Thank you." said Lightning as she sat down. She then looks down at the tableware. 'This looks REALLY expensive.' She then looks at the other tables. She then sees a man with black hair sitting at a table with a blond haired girl. 'That guy must be really annoyed with that girl talking his ear off. Speaking of a guy, where is my date? Does he like to arrive fashionably late? I just hope he's not a snob or anything.'

She then sees a blond, spikey haired man who is very handsome walk toward her table. 'I-Is that him? Wh-Why is my heart beating so fast?' The man comes over and says," Excuse me. Are you the older sister of Serah Farron?" "Ye-Yes." stuttered Lightning along with some blushing. 'I just know my face is red right now!'

"Serah told me that you two look alike; and so that made it easier for me to find you. Oh, by the way, my name is Cloud. Cloud Strife." he said while reaching his hand over. "My name is Lightning." she said while shaking his hand. "So," said Lightning, "how do you know my sister?"

"My friend Yuffie introduced me to her. Apparently, they both set us up with this unexpected blind date." said Cloud. The waiter comes over and says, "Would you two like something to drink?" "Sure. To keep it simple, I'll have water." said Lightning. "Same here." said Cloud. "Yes, sir. Yes, ma'am." said the waiter before he walks away. "Just asking," asked Cloud," are you some type of athlete in any way?"

"Wh-Why do you ask?" asked a blushing Lightning. "Well, I'm guessing that because that you drink water and women at your age would probably buy an alcoholic drink. Also, you have a nice athletic body that is balanced with femininity along with it being beautiful and attractive." said Cloud. Lightning started to blush harder. "Um, thank you. Well, I'm actually an ex-soldier of the Guardian Corps." responded Lightning. "You're an ex-soldier, too? I'm an ex-soldier of SOLDIER!"

"Wow! Actually, right now I have my Blaze Edge with me." said Lightning. "Is that a gun?" asked Cloud. "Yeah. It can also turn into a sword. I brought it because I thought you might've probably been a weirdo or a pervert or something. But I don't need it now."

"We sure do think alike, Lightning." said Cloud. "Why?" asked Lightning. "I brought a weapon for the same reason you did. I would've brought the Buster Sword, but it is too big. But, I brought a pocket knife instead." They began to laugh and blushed a little at each other. The waiter came back and asked, "Are you two ready to order?" "Yes." said Lightning. "Sure." said Cloud. "What would you like?" "Spaghetti and meatballs." both Cloud and Lightning said at the same time. They looked at each other and blushed again. "Sure. It's coming right up." said the waiter.

They both started to talk then the food came. The spaghetti and meatballs were all in one, big bowl. "Excuse me," said Cloud, "we both ordered spaghetti and meatballs." "I know." said the waiter before he left. "I guess… we're supposed to… share." said Lightning while blushing. "I guess so. Let's eat." said Cloud.

They both started to eat the noodles that were in the huge bowl. While they were eating, they both had the same noodle in their mouth at the same time. They were getting too close then Lightning bit the noodle and went back- while blushing, of course! Cloud had the noodle hanging out of his mouth. Lightning started to laugh. Cloud blushed, slurped up his noodle, and then laughed, too.

A man barged through the doors and held a gun at the black haired man Lightning saw earlier. "This is a robbery! I'm mostly here for you." he said then looked at the man. "You're just lucky that I don't have my swords with me, or you'd be scared right now." said the black haired man.

"Looks like there's a commotion going on over there." said Cloud as he turned around. "A guy is trying to rob someone." said a woman sitting at a nearby table. "I'll take care of him." said Lightning. "Good," said Cloud, "now I can see your skills." They both smiled at each other. Lightning walks over fast, not wobbling in her heels. The robber spots her and says, Hey, pretty girl. Leave, or get shot." "I won't leave unless you leave." said Lightning. "Heh. I'm not scared of a pretty lady." said the robber.

"But, are you scared of a pretty lady with a weapon?" asked Lightning. "Huh?" "Which would you prefer: gun or sword?" "..." "Fine. How about both?" said Lightning while taking out Blaze Edge. "What?!" exclaimed the robber. "Everyone, get down!" exclaimed Cloud.

Lightning ran forward. Just right before the robber fired his first shot, Lightning snapped her fingers to use her gravity powers. She jumped over the robber's head while being upside down; thanks to her powers. While being upside down, she shot him the leg. "Ah!" yelled the robber. Lightning landed on her feet and quickly had Blaze Edge turn into a sword. The robber kept shooting and Lightning kept blocking them with Blaze Edge.

The robber has now suddenly run out of bullets. "What's wrong? Ran out of ammo?" asked Lightning sarcastically. "Uh... Erm..." The police suddenly come in. "Put your hands up!" "Here's the robber. He was unable to actually tale any money. I was able to subdue him by shooting him in the leg. Don't worry about me. I'm an ex-soldier of PSICOM." said Lightning to the police. Cloud comes up and says to Lightning, "C'mon. I already paid. Let's go before a fiasco happens." "Sure." said Lightning. They exit the restaurant.

Lightning and Cloud are now outside the restaurant. "You were great in there." said Cloud. "Thanks." responded a blushing Lightning. Lightning looked a little passed Cloud's shoulder and noticed Serah. 'Serah?! What the heck is she doing here?!' Lightning's facial expression showed her thoughts. "Is there something back there?" asking Cloud as he turned around. "I guess not." said Cloud. "Phew. She hid just in time!' "Well," said Cloud, "I really enjoyed this night." "Me too." said Lightning. She took a quick look at Serah. Serah made a kissy face implying that she wants them to kiss.

'She wants me to do what now?!'

Then she gave them the hand movements of "go on, go on."

'Okay. You can do this Lightning.'

Cloud and Lightning are now staring at each other (while blushing, of course!). Lightning put her right pointer and middle fingers to her lips. She then kisses them and puts her fingers on Cloud's cheek. "Thank you for this wonderful night. Let's hang out sometime." said Lightning. "Yeah." said Cloud with a warm smile. "Bye." they both say to each other.

Lightning walked toward Serah with a blushing face. "Lightning, what was THAT?!"

"You wanted a kiss, and I gave him one."

"Not like that! I thought you like him!"

"I do. But you can't force someone to kiss someone else on their first date in a long time. Especially when its a blind date."

"Fine. But can you tell me what happened? I only came when the police arrived. Why did the police come? And what do you think of Cloud?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow."

"Awwww. Okay."

'Cloud. He's really cool. I'm glad I met him.'
Here is my fanfiction Lightning's Man! I had some issues with uploading literature, but it's alright now! I already have chapter 2 written down in my notebook, but I'm too lazy to type that up now XD Please enjoy and comment!

Synopsis-Summary thing!:
What happens when your little sister sets you up on a blind date? Madness, of course! Lightning was a former soldier of the Guardian Corps and is now spending her life keeping her younger sister, Serah, away from her fiancee, Snow. Lightning has been single ever since her parents died; but Serah thinks she should spend the rest of her life with someone. Lightning might fall for the guy, but what about the other three soon to come?!

Next chapter:[link]

Characters belong to Square Enix
Fanfiction belongs to me
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